Our Governors

Name Type Roles
Roger Busk Community Chair
Becky Trotman Community
Marina Crossan Community SEN
Claire Herriott Parent
Vacancy Parent
Stephen Hunt Parent Vice Chair
Waj Amin Community
Charlie Clare Head Head Teacher
Faiza Millward Staff Teacher
Jane Pearson Associate Deputy Head
Katia Major Local Authority

The Governors of the school are like a Board of Directors. They oversee what the school does and makes sure that it is working effectively and meet at least twice a term at school.

Parents can contact the Chair of Governors directly by leaving a message at the school.

Governors are appointed to support the school and ask questions about how it is working.

In addition they…

  • Monitor standards of teaching and learning
  • Interview and select staff
  • Decide how the school budget is spent
  • Look after the school building
  • Help the school contribute to the community
  • Review the head teacher’s performance

School governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They act together for the good of the school, but cannot act individually

School governors are…

  • Parents
  • Teachers and other staff at the school
  • Local council representatives
  • Representatives from the community or industry
  • The head teacher

Parent governors…

  • Have a child at the school
  • Are elected by parents of the school
  • Serve, as do other governors, for four years

Parent governors bring the views of parents to the governing body but are not delegates of the parents. If you would like to be a parent governor, please ask the head teacher or the school secretary for details.

Our clerk from September 2015 will be Mr Paul Harasiwka.

  1. Note from the Chair
  2. chairs letter – September 2014
  3. Governor Summary





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