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Mediators and the Schools Council

Trained mediators (pupils of the school) are available at break time and lunch time.  They support and guide children through the mediation process so that they can successfully solve their own problems.

There are currently over twenty mediators from year 4, year 5 and year 6.  In September, new year 3 children will be recruited to train for this programme.

Children meet at lunch time once a week and sometimes after school. During these meetings they practice mediator skills and play games to improve their memory and enhance their social skills.

D58071AB490B94436366E5DF5484F472Mediators sign off any duties they have completed enabling them to see which mediators have completed duties on a regular basis.  A reward system of prizes, certificate, medals and trophies is in place to reward these children who show commitment to our school.

Any children interested in being a mediator should speak to the mediator teachers at school  as they are always on the look-out for keen and committed children to support them in making our playground a positive experience for everyone.

The school council meet every week during singing assembly. New things to look for are the playground rules board and bright ideas box.