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School Uniform

School uniform is an important part of our school and helps give the pupils a sense of community and belonging.

School Uniform

What we expect to see:

  • Grey/black school trousers or skirt/pinafore plus grey/black school shorts or royal blue school dress in summer months
  • White shirt or white or blue polo shirt
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • For girls – grey, white or black socks or tights

What is not acceptable school uniform:

  • Jeans of any colour
  • Tracksuit bottoms of any colour
  • Tracksuit material shorts of any colour
  • Leggings and sports leggings of any colour
  • Hooded tops of any colour


What we expect to see:

  • Black shoes or trainers
  • Black boots for the winter months
  • Sensible sandals for the summer months

What is not acceptable school uniform:

  • Coloured shoes or boots (other than black)
  • Coloured trainers (other than black)
  • Flip flops in the summer months
  • High heeled shoes

PE Kit

What we expect to see:

  • Black shorts
  • Grey or black leggings or tracksuit bottoms
  • Dark green polo top or GFJS polo top
  • Trainers or black pumps

What is not acceptable PE Kit:

  • Football shirts
  • Studded boots


Jewellery & nail varnish

What is acceptable:

  • Watches
  • Stud earrings


What is not acceptable:

  • Any other jewellery other than stud earrings
  • Nail varnish
  • Smart watches, especially those with cameras or internet access

There are 3 ways to obtain GFJS School Uniform

Our chosen school uniform stockist

Stephenson Uniform Outfitters

Items can be purchased in person or online.

Sweatshirts, Polo shirts and PE uniform are embroidered with GFJS logo.

Stephenson Uniform Outfitters
11-12 Market Place
0118 9596462

GFJS Uniform Price List 2023


Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury & Morrison are the four main supermarkets that stock the basic school uniform items.  They all currently provide sweatshirts in royal blue as well as blue gingham dresses for the summer months. Asda sell the bottle green PE tops.

Aldi & Lidl run seasonal promotions for uniform.

Matalan also stock basic school uniform items which can include royal blue sweatshirts.

You can purchase school uniform online at Amazon who also sell the bottle green PE tops that not all supermarkets have.

All of these items are not embroidered and are therefore a cheaper alternative.

Pre-owned uniform

Below is a list of local charities who may be able to help with pre-owned school uniforms.

New Beginnings – website: – Tel: 07421998208

First Days – website: Homefirstdays – Tel: 0118 9219338

Weller Centre – website: Weller Centre-Community-Caversham – Tel: 0118 9475828

Whitley CDA – website: – email: – Tel: 0118 3740052

Cowshed – website: The Cowshed Showing love & support to those in need in Berkshire.
email: – Tel: 0118 9345120 / 0118 9313332

Further details of these & other local & national charities offering grants can be found on the Reading Family Information Service website.

If you are having a problem with school uniform, please contact the school office to discuss this.  We often have spare uniform that we would be happy for you to have.