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University Courses

EFEAC3EBC4C8693F3A303E0CC03D246COur university is open for 6 weeks on wednesday afternoons twice a year. This gives us all an opportunity to take two courses of our own choice each year. Before each university course starts we receive a prospectus telling us what courses are running. There are about 20 each time. We also attend a Freshers’ Fair In the hall to study the details of each course and talk about them with our friends. When we’ve talked with people at home about the courses available we fill in an application form and submit it to Mr Clare who reads what we’ve written and gives us a place on one of the courses of our choice.

We all hope to get our first choices, of course, but it’s not always possible – some courses are extremely popular.

We love our university afternoons; they give us an opportunity to choose what we want to learn from a long list of things that are sometimes very different from the things we normally do at school . Also, we get to work with children from all years.

Please take a look at some of our prospectuses, a selection of photographs and at a video of one of our semesters

As with all universities, our university afternoons hand over control to pupils of their own education. They get to choose a course designed and led by an expert. They study a prospectus, fill in an application form, wait with excitement to see if they have got their first choice and eventually have the sense of achievement of graduating.

“You have to let children experience the freedom to choose before they feel a real sense of ownership, and engagement in their education”

Summer 2016 University prospectus is now available to download.

University Prospectus – Master Summer 2016

University Prospectus application form