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Whitley Excellence Cluster-WEC

‘Working Together’

The Whitley Excellence Cluster (WEC)

Geoffrey Field Junior is a member of The Whitley Excellence Cluster (WEC). The organisation is comprised of 10 schools, which support pupils from nursery to secondary school.  This consists of two faith schools, New Christ Church CE Primary and Christ the King RC Primary, one primary academy, Palmer Academy, one secondary academy, the John Madejski Academy, two community primary schools, The Ridgeway and Whitley Park, and Geoffrey Field Junior and Infant schools, Blagdon Nursery, all of which are community schools and one Foundation secondary school, Reading Girls School.

Across these 10 schools we support over 4,000 pupils.

The schools in Whitley have been working collaboratively for over 30 years, taking part initially in joint strategies such as the South Reading Project, a cross-phase mathematics group and First Steps.  Then in 2003, through direct representation by the schools to the DfES, we were awarded Excellence in Cities status, which brought ring-fenced funding of over £700,000 per annum into the area.

In recognition of the need to provide a holistic approach to supporting our children and their families WEC has drawn up a Children’s Charter and a Mission Statement, which identifies the key drivers and aspirations of our partnership.  This was revised and adopted in October 2015.

Our Mission Statement:

‘The schools in Whitley pledge to deliver above and beyond the National Curriculum’.

The Children’s Charter:

On leaving school, our children will be:



Emotionally Engaged

Engaged with the Arts

Physically active

and will present as confident human beings