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An uplifting Christmas Story by Angel Brown

Angel’s Christmas Story


We wanted to share this story with you because it made all of us feel really happy just before we broke up for Christmas.

Angel, one of our children in Y5, came into school with her mum as usual.

“Has Angel told you what she was up to last weekend?” her mum asked Mr Clare on the gate.

“No!” he replied. “Can you tell me?”

Angel’s mum, started to tell the story. Angel and her mum had been out shopping in town and saw lots of homeless people on the street. It was freezing cold and Angel was really worried about them.

“Could this man die because he has to sleep outside?” Angel asked her mum.

“He could, but he probably won’t,” Angel’s mum replied.

Angel wasn’t happy with this reply. She wanted to make a difference. She asked mum if they could buy the man a Greggs or get some coins for him, but Angel’s mum said that she didn’t have money to spare. “If I wanted a Greggs would you buy one for me?” Angel asked after giving it more thought. That’s different replied her mum.

When Angel got home, she couldn’t stop thinking about the poor people who were living out on the streets when she was home all warm and cosy. She kept thinking how lucky she was and how sad it was for them.

“We must do something Mum!” Angel said. “Could we try and make a difference to just three people?”

Angel’s mum decided to ask others to help on Facebook. Over the next three weeks, Angel and her mum collected enough money and things to make up three bags. In each bag there was a clean dry sleeping bag, some new clothes, some soap, some drinks and some tasty food.

On the Saturday before Christmas week, Angel and her mum went into town to find people who they thought needed it most. After walking round time a number of times Angel eventually chose the three most needy people. She went up to each of the three and asked if they would accept her gifts. They put the first one at the feet of the man as he was fast asleep. Then they went to the second man. Crying he asked “Are you sure you want to give this bag to me?” Angel assured him that she did. He went off with the bag happy and smiling. They then went back to the first man and asked him if he would accept the gifts and he said that he would. They then went to the third man and left the bag next to his face. All ready for when he woke up.

When Angel went home that night having experienced the joy of giving she said, “Mum, now we can have our Christmas”.