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Visiting the School

Parents are a vital link to the work of the school. It is essential that children see parents and teachers working well together for their benefit. Teachers, however, are often busy preparing for the children first thing in the morning and sometimes have meetings or pre-arranged appointments with parents after school. It is therefore better for both the teacher and yourselves if you make an appointment.

The Head teacher or Deputy Head teacher will make every effort to see you immediately if they can, but they may be involved in dealing with something else. Again, it is best if you can make an appointment. You can leave a message with the school secretary, who will contact you by telephone.


Visitors to the school, including parents, are asked to report to reception first. Anyone needing to walk around the school is asked to wear a visitor’s badge so that everyone knows they are on official business. Other members of staff will challenge anyone not wearing a badge.
The tunnel entrance to the playground is locked at 9.00am and opened at 3.00pm. The only entrance to the school is via the office at the front of the school.