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Art and Design

Art makes a vital contribution to education, both as a subject to be enjoyed in its own right and as a means to enrich and encourage learning in other subject areas.  Children feed their imaginations through exploring and creating art.

At Geoffrey Field we give our pupils the opportunity to explore and develop their own ideas, using a variety of different mediums to achieve effects. The children have access to well-equipped art studios where they are able to experiment with a selection of materials.   They do this independently as well as working with others.

During their time at the school, the children will experience a wide range of starting points; be it their own experiences, nature around the school or visiting a gallery for first hand exposure to artwork.  We also encourage the children to positively critique their own art, along with that of their peers and celebrated artists.

In addition to the high quality teaching of art in the curriculum, the school runs various art-based university courses, where the children can learn more about a particular artist or develop skill in a specific medium. As well as this, the school runs an annual Art Week focused on a famous painting.  This week, celebrating the children’s art, climaxes in a public art gallery.

At Geoffrey Field Junior School we value art as a powerful tool to aid learning.

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