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Curriculum Statement

At GFJS, we value the importance of computing and understand that the children are growing up in a world of ever advancing technology. We aim to provide them with the skills to access technology both effectively and safely, equipping them to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.

Computing is taught as a finite skill as well as being integrated into other curriculum areas.  In each year, the children learn basic computing skills, programming, internet safety, data handling and how to create and publish work.

Part of the children’s computing education is understanding the risks that the internet poses to young people. The children are taught about safe and responsible conduct online and how/who to report their concerns to.  We also teach the children to question the validity of what they learn online and the importance of developing their own digital resilience.

Computing has the potential to open up all sorts of new possibilities for learning, which is why the school has invested in Chromebooks and iPads to help fully embed computing within our curriculum.  Whether the children are using them to research the Roman battle dress, they are designing in history or find the next train to Paddington in a numeracy class; we endeavour to provide computing opportunities throughout each area of the curriculum.

Computing Curriculum