At GFJS, children take part in weekly singing assemblies learning a range of songs which develop their singing skills.

Children are taught by class teachers or specialist music teachers (in year 4) to sing and play instruments in a controlled way. They learn to perform music in groups and see how their own contribution makes a difference to the whole performance. They begin to learn how to express their ideas and feelings through their own music. Children listen to many different types of music, picking out the detail and learning how it was created and used.

Extended opportunities with music include learning how to play a musical instrument through individual lessons with Berkshire Maestro, choir and some university courses have included learning to play the recorder and read music.

How you can support your child at home

Provide opportunities for your child to listen to live music as this can be much more exciting than recorded music. There are all sorts of ways you can do this: listen to buskers in the street, free concerts in parks or seeing an opera or pop concert. Talk with your child: which music do they like best? Are there any musical instruments they particularly like the sound of? Watch a film with your child and ask them to focus on the music. What sort of effect does it have? Music often changes from scene to scene. Why? Can they tell what sort of film it is just by listening to the opening music? Find out about some famous composers and listen to some of the pieces of music.

 Here are some links that you could use to find out more about music: 

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