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Personal, Social and Health Education in our school aims to promote each child’s personal development. We want them to leave Geoffrey Field Junior School armed with the knowledge, attitudes, skills and strategies they will need to be safe, happy, productive members of their families, schools and society.

Under the three broad themes of Myself and Others, My World and My Body, the children are encouraged to ask questions, become informed, explore ideas, practise strategies and reflect on their learning so that they are well prepared for the next stage of their education and the wider world.

Pupils learn how to keep themselves healthy, both emotionally and physically (including through exercising and healthy eating) and understand how to keep themselves safe from relevant risks (such as abuse, exploitation and extremism, including when using the internet and social media). They will develop the knowledge and skills that will help to enable them to take their place as informed, thoughtful, resilient contributors to British society. Click here for an overview of this aspect of the curriculum.

Sex and Relationship Education

The governors have approved the school’s policy on sex and relationship education. You are invited to read the policy and to see and discuss the materials used in teaching this aspect of the curriculum.

Our scheme of work for sex and relationship education (click here for details) covers all the year groups and ensures that children build on their previous knowledge. Children are encouraged to discuss what they already know so that the teacher can cover misunderstanding and gaps. A variety of resources are used for this work – sometimes videos but often research work and discussion.

School’s Statement on Sex and Relationship Education

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of any education provided which is beyond the biological aspects of reproduction. If you are concerned please come and talk to us and we can explain more about how this important aspect of their lives is covered.

Every year we run an information session for parents in the summer term. This includes showing them the approaches we use and discussing the content covered in each year.