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Religious Education

In order to better understand our own beliefs and values, we must also learn from the values and beliefs of others. R.E. at GFJS aims for children to learn both about religion as well as from religion.

Based on the curriculum for Reading Borough schools, the children learn about the main religions in the country, with a particular emphasis on Christianity. The school also tries to provide the children with opportunities to meet faith representatives and school trips to places of religious importance.

We use the Discovery RE scheme in school. This is an enquiry approach to RE that consistently delivers excellent learning outcomes. This scheme of work makes RE a learning experience to look forward to, for both teachers and pupils. It provides a safe enquiry place and encourages the big questions. The scheme enhances critical thinking and evaluation skills. It supports spiritual development and equips the children for living in a diverse world. For more details click on the link (Discovery RE Intro and Overview).

The children are encouraged to make thoughtful and respectful responses to religion, asking deeper questions so that they better determine their own set of morals and values. Another really valued part of religious education is the children themselves sharing about their own religion, as the other children respond really well to hearing from their peers.

How you can support your child at home

Having regular discussions about your own beliefs, as well as those of friends and other family members is really important. It is important for children to come into contact with different member of community to see how their religious views impact their life.

You may want to collect different kinds of greeting cards; around Christmas time, Diwali, Hannukah and Eid are also celebrated. Talk about the meanings and stories being the greeting cards.

Assembly Themes:

Each month, our assemblies are based around a particular theme. This theme is introduced and developed in assemblies each week and then further developed in smaller groups and celebrated, along with children’s work on a Friday.

If you have any stories, poems or ideas on these themes that you have found moving and helpful, please send them/bring them into school to share.