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Specialist Teachers

Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to meet and work with a number of coaches and teachers who are exceptional practitioners in their field of expertise. Several, but not all, of these coaches have worked as sports coaches with our after school clubs. Others have skills in other areas such as gardening or music.

We have recognised that the skills these specialists possess could have a wider application in our students’ education. Our specialist teacher programme affords our students the opportunity to be taught termly units of work within foundation curriculum subjects

The coaches and teachers we employ plan units of work and individual lessons within those units, alongside the subject leader . The lessons are usually delivered alongside the class teacher and teaching assistant. At present we have specialist teachers working in these areas; gymnastics, cricket, street dance, basketball, football, tennis and steel pans.

There are two main aims of the programme are;

  • To enhance and deepen our students’ learning through the use of specialists.
  • To give our teaching staff the opportunity to develop their own skill sets by working alongside teachers and coaches with specialist skills.