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Enterprise Blog Post 2 – The Rio 2016 Olympics

The Rio 2016 Olympics!

The Rio 2016 Olympics are closing in fast, only two months to go! (No, it’s not going to be Christmas or Halloween) The Rio Olympics will begin and will bring back some new things with it!

On August the 5th, the Rio Olympics will start, bringing 10,500 competitors from 205 different countries and expecting to sell 7.5 million tickets which cost about 10 euros each, that’s about 75 million euros!

Also, the Rio 2016 Olympics will be returning golf and rugby after 116 years. Altogether the Rio Olympics will have 42 different sports and 306 competitions.

The location of the Rio Olympics is in Rio (obviously) and in the Maracanã stadium which holds the record for the most fans in one stadium. This is also the first ever South American Olympics and the 27th summer Olympics!

Rio will have two mascots, one for the Paralympics and one for the Olympics. The Olympian mascot, called Vinicious, is a mix of Rio animals while the Paralympian mascot, called Tom, is a mix of Rio plants.

rio mascot

Vinicious & Tom

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