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Enterprise Blog Post 3

The Final Blog Post

On Tuesday 14th June, we ran Enterprise Week, which included a series of events. We held a mini-Olympics for Lower School, break time games and catering was available for all the year groups. During lesson time, we set our own workshops for all the years. One of the workshops was focused on teaching year 3s and 4s a Brazilian dance. The group running it made their own warm up, dance, power-point and game to go with it. Another workshop was about the history of the Olympics and where they’ve been held (the venues of the previous Olympics). A completely different workshop was about the birds of Brazil and at the end, the children made a collage of a Brazilian bird.

In the afternoon, Y6 held a Mini-Olympics for years 3 and 4. There were 8 events, including discus, boxing, relay races and javelin. Two Y6 girls organised the entire event; they made a timetable, organised people to run and set them up and decided which group went where. We think the children really enjoyed it because they took part and were enthusiastic about it. None of them were bored by it or had a negative attitude.

Alongside that, year 5 did something different to the mini-Olympics. A group of year 6 girls used their morning workshop but focused only on the dance. We taught them the moves they would do and gave them bracelets to wear as they danced. Before the dance, though, we had to a warm up to get them ready. The warm up was set to ‘Try Everything’, which linked with our values of determination and resilience. The year 5s were terrific and they listened properly (they really tried their best to copy us!).

At 2 O’clock, the parents were allowed to come into school to buy cakes, scones and other tasty treats that our catering team had made as well as batiks, photo frames and pencil pots that our manufacturing team had made. On top of the cupcakes, the catering team had put flags of the nationalities of the athletes. It was a good opportunity for some of us to do the flags of our own countries!

In the end, we raised over £600! That’s after we paid back loans taken out from the bursar and paid for all the equipment that we used to make games and things to sell. We think year 6 really enjoyed this week. Sometimes we struggled but in the end, we managed to prevail!