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Enterprise Week

Rio 2016 Events Organising

Next Tuesday, (14/6/16) year six will be holding an enterprise day; they have worked hard and will carry on working hard to make enterprise week enjoyable, all the year groups will have a chance to win prizes and have fun while doing so!


Year sixes have worked hard for the enterprise day to make an enjoyable day for the year 5,4 and 3.The Year six are divided into five different groups: manufacturing, catering, advertisement, finance and event organisers. The Finance especially are sub-divided into the finance advisers and getting loans for equipment. The two finance advisers have negotiated with Mr Clare for a payment for running a full day of workshops and games. They managed to get £303 from him! They now need to get a loan from Mr Pratt, the bursar, to pay for all of the things we will need this week. At the moment, the equipment loan is currently unknown.


The catering team are making fat-man pizzas as well as a range of other great snacks and drinks. They’ll be selling them to children at break time and parents in the afternoon café. The Media team are advertising the café where they will be selling their food and drinks. They are also doing things like making posters to advertise the event and creating informative displays for parents to read. They are also in charge of advertising the events and writing letters and blogs. The event’s organisers are making time tables, deciding where people are going to be and making sure that Tuesday runs exactly as it is supposed to! In fact, all of year 6 are working really hard.

Remember that the Enterprise day is next Tuesday (14th June). We look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,

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