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Inspire Week 23rd -27th May

On Monday 23rd May, Year 5 started their Inspire Week. We have had a number of different activities running every day. We have visited 10 places from Academy Sports Centre to Circle Hospital and 14 people have come to school to talk to us such as a physiotherapist and a man from Google. Across the week, children have kept a journal about what they have enjoyed and learnt. You will be able to see some of the photos from the week and read about our experiences. Here are some of the things the children had to say!

My favourite activity was when I went to bubbles the nursery. When we got there the children were playing outside. We went outside with the children. I met some little girls called Scarlet, Ruby and Autumn. Then we went into a circle and played ring a ring a roses and row row row your boat. Then we were playing on the scooters and bikes. We went and imagined we were cooking with the mud and wood chips. Then the year 5’s went inside the hall and asked the lady’s some questions. One of the ladies went into the cupboard and got two children’s scrap books. We looked through them and found out that they go to reception teachers so they know what they know and what they need to teach them next.

From Keely

My favourite part of Inspire Week was visiting Circle Hospital. First we met Andre, who was our tour guide. He showed us the physiotherapy room and that was my favourite bit. I enjoyed doing the activities especially the obstacle course. Next, we met a nurse called Margaret who showed us a room where patients would stay over night after an operation. Finally, Andre gave us a water bottle and a pen and we took a photo. I really enjoyed Inspire Week, it was fun and I hope we do it again.

From Fathima

My favourite activity was when the physiotherapist came in. She brought in her skeleton friend Andy! We named the joints on him. Some of us pretended that we had an injury and Rosie showed us what she would do to help someone with this injury. Rosie told us that she worked in different clinics at different times of the day but is based at Reading Hockey Club. She has worked as a therapist for 9 years. She showed us some x-rays of the head and the neck. It’s been really nice learning lots of new things.

From Larissa

I really liked going to Academy Sports Centre. First, we met a lady that works in the office and then we headed upstairs. Next, we went to see the football court and the lady told us that they would be improving it. Then we went to the sensory room where there was a machine that had lots of sounds in and to change the colour of the room you changed a cube. After that, we went to see the swimming pool and we saw a woman teaching a baby swimming lesson. This looked different to our lessons! We also saw the gym. We found out that you could hire a personal trainer to help you with your fitness.

From Margaret

My favourite activity was learning to be a decorator. First we got to choose a kitchen that we would like to design. Next we got into 4 groups and we started to choose the colours and the design. At the end, we got to share ours and chose the best kitchen!

From Mariella

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