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Learning at Home

Learning at Home

At Geoffrey Field Junior School we understand that the learning a child does at home forms an essential part in consolidating the learning they are doing in school.

Reading at Home

We expect every child to read at least 3 times a week at home.

Please record every read you do with your child at home in their reading record. Every year group has a reading challenge which collates the reads the children have been completing at home.

Reading at home is one of the very best ways you can help support your child’s reading fluency. Regular opportunities to read aloud to an adult or hear an adult read to them have a huge impact.

Reading Tip: 5 Finger Test

Reading Tip: Styles of Reading

Reading Tip: Deciphering Unfamiliar Words

Presentation from the Parent Reading Workshop in September

Bug Club Step-by-step Parent Guide 

Phonics Videos

Own Learning

At Geoffrey Field Junior School we have weekly or fortnightly own learning . Own learning will be work linked to the topic the children are currently studying and gives children the opportunity to respond to their learning through a range of different activities.  

The term ownwork refers to the fact that there will be opportunity for children to choose what they do and the way they do it. For example, when studying Egypt in year 4, children might be asked to recreate some hieroglyph, create a write a report on a Pharaoh, draw a diagram of a pyramid, produce presentation who was in charge or even chorograph an Egyptian inspired dance routine.  The range of tasks allow children to have ownership over the way they respond to the learning.

Own work is an opportunity for pupils to apply and practise different skills. It also helps children to extend their learning through independent or parent/carer assisted research and reading.


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