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Learning the ROPES

A very important part of what we do at Geoffrey Field is to help children to become independent learners. One way we foster this is to provide the children with as many valuable experiences as possible. We know that the children learn more than the subjects we teach them. Many of the activities we do both in and out of school hours develop children’s skills as people. We call the principles behind these activities learning the “ropes”.

R for responsibility
O for ownership
P for participation
E for exploration
S for self-motivation

We provide a variety of opportunities for children to learn these ‘ropes’ through clubs, visits, visitors and competitions. Some of the most popular of these are residential trips to Wales and also to Ufton Court. These trips provide opportunities to develop skills in co-operation, independence and organisation and are thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

There are a wide variety of after school clubs such as gardening, street dance, football, art and RYG. These clubs change according to the interests of staff and children and the time of the year. In the past we have had hockey, fitness, book, keyboard, booster, football and Reading Rotary Club run a very popular course of six taster sessions covering a variety of sport and leisure activities