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Letters sent home




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21.7.17 Mr Clare Farewell Mr Clare’s Farwell
 6.9.17  Miss Hancock  Introduction  First day letter
 6.9.17  Miss Hancock  Parent welcome session  Parents welcome letter 3456 2017
 12.9.17  Miss Yearlsey  DVD & Allergies  Allergies and PG rating letter yr 5
 15.9.17  Miss Yearlsey General info re swimming  Year 5 swimming lessons
 15.9.17  Miss Yearsley  Miss Yearsley & Miss Mitchell  Swimming – Miss Yearsley and Miss Mitchell
 15.9.17  Miss Yearsley  Mrs Raven & Miss Feeney  Swimming – Mrs Raven and Miss Feeney
 18.9.17  Mr Fox  Bake off  The Great Geoffrey Field Bake Off
 22.9.17  Year 6  Swimming  swim letter 2017 yellow area groups A and B
 27.9.17  Miss Tsampanaki  Apple Store Visit  Copy of Apple Store letter 2017
 3.10.17  Miss Yearsley  Yr 5 production letter  Production info letter yr5
 6.10.17 Miss Fincken  Aspire2 B  Non School Uniform day letter – Aspire 2
 18.10.17  Mrs Berry  Arts Week Gallery  Arts Week Gallery Letter
 3.11.17  Miss Fincken  Children in need  Children In Need Parent letter
 6.11.17  Ms Jarvis  School Photographs  Photograph day
 7.11.17  Ms Choudhry  RYG  RYG 1st letter
 30.11.17  Miss Hancock  November Newsletter  November Newsletter
 5.12.17  Miss Yearsley  Year 5 party  Year 5 christmas party letter
 6.12.17  Mrs Harasiwka  Year 6 party  yellow xmas party letter 2017
 8.1.18  Mrs Kessell Curriculum news  Y3 curriculum news Term 3 17-18
 23.3.18  Miss Hancock  Newsletter  Newsletter March 2018
 3.7.19  Yr 6 enterprise Team  Summer Fayre  Yr 6 Enterprise Summer Fayre Letter