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New Initiatives

Fit to Learn

Year 3 Physical Literacy programme

This need for this programme is based on the following;

1)      That PE and Sport can have a transformative effect on our pupils.

2)      The belief that the development of our students’ correct use of their bodies for activities like throwing, kicking, running and jumping is linked to hand activities like writing, painting and sewing. If they are able to make accelerated progress with one skill such as the ability to catch a ball, it is likely to have a positive effect on being able to observe and draw a ball.

3)      The short term programmes with ‘Let’s Get Going’  (exercise and health), Wrightchoice ( Y3/4 after school football coaching) and Reading Rockets (Y3, 4, 5 and 6 basketball coaching) have all had significant impact on participants’ physical literacy.

4)      Long term commitment to specialist teaching and coaching in after school clubs such as gymnastics, cricket and street dance not only significantly improves performance in the respective disciplines, but also has a positive influence in participants’ attitude to school and learning and serves to develop a variety of social skills.

5)      Focussed and intensive intervention at Year 3 will have the most impact in developmental terms and also serve to rapidly socialize the students into the learning style and ethos of our school.

Programme delivery

The programme is to be delivered in two ten week blocks. The first block will be in Terms 1 and 2 of Year 3 .The second block in Terms 5 and 6.

The programme is delivered by specialist teachers working alongside the class teacher and teaching assistant.

Block 1 terms 1 and 2

Strand Gymnastics and Yoga Strand Multiskills Strand Art/Craft skills

Body tension

Developing strength and flexibility

Body awareness

Movement in a space


Hand/eye coordination



Hitting balls with bats

Running and jumping, base training

Teach playground games

Hand/eye coordination





Plasticine, clay


Block 2 Terms 5 and 6

Athletics based skills  Multiskills leading to games  Strand Art and craft
Different kinds of running;

fast endurance

Build cv fitness and stamina

‘Fun activities to teach throwing and jumping

Games based multiskills to build on work in terms 1 and 2

But to include teamwork and team rules

Cooperative and competitive skills and values

Winning and losing

Re visit and build on skills from terms 1 and 2 but in an outdoor context

(Visit to Ufton Court)

There are defined and agreed learning outcomes for all strands so that we can measure attainment and be able to support low attainers and extend high attainers.

We have sought the advice and input from specialists we work with now such as lower KS 2 teachers, specialist teachers, support services and teacher training professionals.

The school has decided what it wants the programme to teach in discussion with the specialists teachers.

Our teaching staff will work alongside specialist teachers to deliver the sessions.