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Our Staff Team for September 2021

Name Role Responsibilities
Senior Leaders Miss Shelly Hancock Headteacher Teaching & Learning Lead
Curriculum Lead Community Matters Lead Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Dave Marks Deputy Headteacher

Pupil Premium Lead

Assessment Lead

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Computing Lead

Joint GDPR Lead

Miss Kelly Bunker

Mrs Faiza Millward

(maternity leave)

Assistant Head

Assistant Head

Year 3 Team Lead

Maths Lead

WEC Reading Lead

Year 3 Team Lead

Literacy Lead

EAL Lead

WEC Writing Lead

Year 3 team

Green Area

Mrs Emma Berry &

Mrs Frances Lancaster

Yr 3 team leaders

(non class based)

ITT Co / School Direct

Curriculum & Enrichment & EAL

Mrs Carolyn Kessell Teacher

History lead

Bespoke Learning Lead

Mrs Karen Shackleford Teaching Assistant
Miss Lauren Semple Teacher

Peer Mediation Lead

Shadow History Lead

Miss Kelly Colman Teaching Assistant
Mrs Helen Robinson Teacher Art Lead
Ms Claire Bartlett Teaching assistant
Miss Loui Roff Teaching assistant

Working across Y3 and Y4

MDA & Breakfast assistant

Year 4 team

Red Area

Miss Jo Pritchard Y4 Team Leader Geography Lead
Miss Bonnie Blair Teaching Assistant 1 to 1
Mrs Metcalf Teacher
Mrs Williams Teaching assistant
Miss Smith Teacher PSHE/RE Lead
Miss Ferguson Teaching Assistant  MDA
Miss Loui Roff Teaching assistant

Working across Y3 and Y4

MDA & Breakfast assistant

Year 5 team

Blue Area

Mrs Hannah Pratley Y5 Team Leader Reading Lead
Mrs Anne Cunningham Teaching assistant
Mrs Swift Teaching assistant 1 to 1
Mr John Fox Teacher

Maths Lead

School Grounds Lead

Staff Governor

Mrs Marina Crossan Teaching assistant

EAL support

Library Lead


Mr Kieren Maddock Teacher
Miss Tracy Spencer Teaching assistant Enrichment support
Mrs Sara Green Teaching Assistant Working across Y5 and Y6

Year 6 team

Yellow Area

Mrs Emma Raven & Mrs Amy Prewett Year 6  Team Leaders

Writing Lead

PSRE / RE Lead

Miss Carla Best Teaching assistant
Mr Shiloh Ndiulor Teaching assistant
Miss Kim Schwarz Teacher

Eco Council

Shadow MFL lead

Mrs Harris Teaching assistant Pastoral TA / ELSA
Mr Adam Marks Teacher

PE Lead

Pupil Sports Leaders

Mrs Toni Evans Teaching assistant

Enrichment support

EAL support

Mrs Reeves Teacher Music Lead
Mrs Sara Green Teaching Assistant Working across Y5 and Y6
Working across areas Ms Diana Choudhry SENCO

LAC Designated Teacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Dawn Burton Pastoral/Family Worker

School Council Lead

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss Kim Tate


Mrs Julie Huntley PPA HLTA MFL Lead
Mrs Gina Boon PPA Teacher
Miss Helen  Quinby School Direct Trainee
Office staff Mrs Jeanette Winsor School Business Manager

Joint GDPR Lead

Health & Safety Lead

Mrs Julie Bryan Office Manager Joint GDPR Lead
Mrs Helen Pilgrim School Administrator First Aid & Medical Lead
Miss Nicola Toomey Reprographics, SLT & Office assistant
Site Controllers Mr Chris Cole Site Controller  Breakfast club lead
Mr Rob Burton Site Controller
Midday Assistants Miss Charlene Mercer Midday assistant
Miss Natalie Lewcock Midday assistant
Miss Sally Kurz Midday assistant Stand In
Mrs Brenda Choules Midday assistant
Miss Natalie Choules Midday assistant
Mrs Julie Lawes Midday assistant
Miss Lisa Harris Midday assistant
Mrs Romena Khanom Midday assistant  Stand In
WEC Manager

WEC project manager

Aspire2 Clerk