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Our Ethos & Values

School Ethos

We are a school that believes strongly that our job is to ensure that all, both pupils and adults, are constantly learning.  Our motto is “learning together” with choice and opportunity.

For pupils, our school is a vital step in their becoming successful and happy human beings.  We are not only preparing them for their next school but for adulthood and the world of work.  We hope to encourage them on the path to being independent, confident citizens able to make responsible choices and take full advantage of opportunities that life offers now and in the future.

Our expectations are high and an emphasis is placed on pupils becoming confident and competent in Maths and English.  At the same time we believe strongly in encouraging an interest in the wider curriculum, and to this end we have a well- established programme of school clubs and enrichment activities.  We aim to provide something at which every child can excel.

Children learn best in a happy, caring environment and where they are listened to and treated with respect.  Our school ethos is supported by the emphasis we place on our school values, modelling them for and nurturing them in our pupils.

School Values

At the very core of everything we do at Geoffrey Field are our values. They underpin our teaching and learning, and create a positive learning environment that prepares our pupils to play an active part in the wider world.

We have five core values that we nurture within our pupils, encouraging them to demonstrate these traits in their learning and social interactions with their peers and staff.

Geoffrey Field Junior School Values


Treating everyone with care


Taking ownership for your learning and behaviour towards others


Always being truthful and trustworthy even when it is the hardest choice


Not giving up when things are challenging


Treating others in the way you would want to be treated

Our values are evident in the manner in which pupils and staff conduct themselves and interact with each other on a daily basis; however, we also build in opportunities to celebrate individual values.  Each month we focus on a particular value linked to cultural, religious and world events that coincide. Whole school, area and class assemblies give pupils an opportunity to reflect on how they demonstrate the school value within their own actions.

On a fortnightly basis, an assembly is dedicated to recognising children who have truly demonstrated one of our school values.  Teachers nominate up to two children who they would like to acknowledge for displaying one of our values.  We always make a point of informing parents/carers should their child be selected, as we believe it is an achievement worth celebrating.

Reflecting on our own experiences provides a crucial element of our school values.  Twice a year, pupils reflect on how well they have demonstrated school values in the classroom, at home and through the wealth of extracurricular opportunities offered at Geoffrey Field.  This self-review gives pupils not only a good model for how to develop particular values within themselves, but at the end of the year, an opportunity to celebrate their own and others’ achievements.