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Supporting Children at Home

Home work at Geoffrey field Junior School is called “Own Work” and is an important part of our intention to make each child an independent and self motivated learner. Own work takes many different forms but is always based on giving the children opportunities to do more work on what they have enjoyed in the classroom or on what they are about to do. They might produce a model, create a diagram, write story, draw a picture or research using books or the internet or by asking questions and present their findings in a booklet or as a power point presentation.

We strongly encourage others living with the child to get involved. For example, one child produced a model using cams in a DT lesson and extended the work at home with Dad. The boy wanted to make the movement of his model smoother. He talked to his dad about it and over the weekend the worked together to produce a more sophisticated model that worked perfectly – what a great learning experience, using the best principles of Design Technology (see policy) and great for his self esteem.

In another example, when many children made puppets to act out speech for an English lesson, there was much talk about how much grandmother had helped them with the sewing.

We have found that this approach motivates children and as a result they produce good quality work which has required them to think and develop their own ideas. Each child is given their own “learning journal” to use to record what they have done. In addition to this work we also ask children to read regularly at home and also to learn their multiplication tables. Sometimes more formal exercises are given to children, particularly during their last year with us. For more information ask to see our “Own Work” policy.

Each term you will be invited to meet with your child’s class teacher. They will talk to you about how your child is doing and what you can do at home to support them. They will provide you with a list of targets that your child is working towards and will offer suggestions about how you can help them achieve these. We are always delighted to offer suggestions and ideas.

Please contact us for more details.