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Own Work

Year 3 - 6 Own Work

Lost your sheet? Don’t panic, it’s all here.



University Prospectus available to download.

University Prospectus – Master Summer 2016

University Prospectus application form

GFJS Times

GFJS Times Autumn 1 2016 Issue 6
 GFJS Times Autumn 1 2015 Issue 1
 GFJS Times Autumn 2 2015 Issue 2
 GFJS Times Spring 1 2016 Issue 3
 GFJS Times Summer 1 2016 Issue 4
 GFJS Times Summer 2 2016 Issue 5


Read an exciting range of new books. topmarks


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Here you will find a selection of games suitable for all ages. Click on the picture below to take you to the games.



Please use the following links to access Mathletics and Bug Club websites used by the children

The following links are useful for SATs preperation for children in year 6:

This website has all of the past SATs papers and marking schemes available for you to look at.

This website offers lots of activities and support materials for children to use as they prepare for their SATs tests.