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Pupils’ Wellbeing Page

Pupil Wellbein

Wellbeing is such an important part of our everyday lives. For us to be able to achieve the best, we need to feel at our best. Taking a little time everyday can help us to clear our minds and put into practice what is important to us. There are lots of different ways of making sure we are looking after our own wellbeing. From drinking plenty of water, to eating a balanced diet and getting a good night’s sleep. Being mindful of how we move our bodies can also impact how we feel on the inside, doing yoga is one way to get us to think about the way we can move. It could be that when we are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, that we need to pause and focus on our breathing. Other times, we feel like we need a time out from what is going on around us, which is when meditating or reflecting on what is going well in our lives could bring a sense of calm.
Yoga: Warrior Pose Breathing Meditation

warrior pose

breathing exercise


Fitness: 10 minute Shake Up Fitness: PE with Joe Yoga: with Adriene 
10 Minute Shake Up home Pe with Joe" Poster by Juscocktail | Redbubble  Submarine Pose - Cosmic Kids Yoga posture of the week
Yoga: Butterfly Pose Yoga: Chair Pose Yoga: Child’s Pose


chair pose

child's pose

Fitness: The Little Gym Meditation: Peace Out Wellbeing: Self Care Kit
The Little Gym - The Atrium Shopping Centre peace self
Yoga: Cobra Pose Yoga: Crescent Moon Pose Yoga: Downward Dog Pose

cobra pose

Crescent Moon Pose

Downward Dog

Wellbeing: Relaxation Activities Wellbeing: Mindfulness Calendar  Wellbeing: 100 Non-Screen Time Activities
Stress Busters: Relaxation Activities to Do at Home | Virtual Calming Room 10 Tips to Implement Mindfulness in the Workplace  No Screen Time! by Joe Casabona on Dribbble
Yoga: Elephant Pose Yoga: Frog Pose  Yoga: Lion Pose

Elephant Pose

Frog Pose

Lion Pose

Yoga: Mountain Pose Yoga: Rainbow Pose Yoga: Cat-Cow Pose

Mountain Pose

Rainbow Pose

Cat Cow Pose