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Pupils’ Wellbeing Page


for children

Yoga: Warrior Pose Breathing Meditation

warrior pose

breathing exercise


Fitness: 10 minute Shake Up Fitness: PE with Joe Yoga: with Adriene 
10 Minute Shake Up home Pe with Joe" Poster by Juscocktail | Redbubble  Submarine Pose - Cosmic Kids Yoga posture of the week
Yoga: Butterfly Pose Yoga: Chair Pose Yoga: Child’s Pose


chair pose

child's pose

Fitness: The Little Gym Meditation: Peace Out Wellbeing: Self Care Kit
The Little Gym - The Atrium Shopping Centre peace self
Yoga: Cobra Pose Yoga: Crescent Moon Pose Yoga: Downward Dog Pose

cobra pose

Crescent Moon Pose

Downward Dog

Wellbeing: Relaxation Activities Wellbeing: Mindfulness Calendar  Wellbeing: 100 Non-Screen Time Activities
Stress Busters: Relaxation Activities to Do at Home | Virtual Calming Room 10 Tips to Implement Mindfulness in the Workplace  No Screen Time! by Joe Casabona on Dribbble
Yoga: Elephant Pose Yoga: Frog Pose  Yoga: Lion Pose

Elephant Pose

Frog Pose

Lion Pose

Yoga: Mountain Pose Yoga: Rainbow Pose Yoga: Cat-Cow Pose

Mountain Pose

Rainbow Pose

Cat Cow Pose