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The Designated Officers for Child Protection are Diana Choudhury, Shelly Hancock, Dawn Burton and Dave Marks .

Ms Choudhry - SENCO Miss Hancock - Headteacher Ms Hussain - Teaching Assistant Mr Marks - Deputy Head

Aims and Objectives

The school aims to focus on the needs of the child, but also seeks to understand their family context as part of its responsibility for pastoral care. The school encourages parents and children to talk freely about any concerns or difficulties they may be facing and to see the school as a resource and place of safety.

Children’s worries and fears are taken seriously. Staff cannot guarantee confidentiality if they feel that an onward referral is required in order to safeguard a child’s welfare, however, unless it puts the child at further risk, the school will inform parents prior to any referral.

If the school suspects that a child’s physical, sexual or emotional well-being is in danger, action will be taken. 

Please see our Child Protection Policy below:

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