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School Direct

Geoffrey Field Junior School has been a lead school for the School Direct programme since 2013.  In this time we have successfully trained 6 excellent teachers for our own school. We have a long held partnership with the University of Reading through various other teaching programmes that we have worked with such as PGCE,  BAed and the School Direct predecessor the GTP course.  We are very proud to provide the School Direct course as we believe that it provides the right balance between classroom based experience and the theory and subject knowledge teaching provided by our esteemed colleagues at The University of Reading.  As a lead school our role is to recruit schools and trainees to the programme and to then support both through the training year.  As a fully inclusive school we are able to support pupils and staff members with disabilities and additional needs.  Our school has some facilities for disabled people and we are happy to discuss how we can support any other additional needs.

The School Direct course runs for the academic school year and will provide successful trainees with qualified teacher status (QTS) which will enable you to teach as a qualified teacher in the UK.

As a school based training programme you will be based in one main school for three out of four of your placements. You will be allocated a mentor in your main school who will meet with you for one hour a week to discuss your progress, set targets and feedback on teaching and learning. You will have the same mentor for the whole year although you will be working alongside different class teachers.

Your university based central training will take place over blocked weeks and on a Friday during the first term.  This is where you will learn about professional values, teaching theory and the subject knowledge of the curriculum that you will be teaching.  In school you will 4 separate placements usually working with different experiences teachers.  Initially you will be observing and working alongside them as you get to know the children and the class routines.  At a pace tailored to you, you will then begin to take on small, groups and then eventually you will be responsible for planning, teaching and assessing the children for 80% of their timetable.  This is a responsibility that you will be build up to across the year on a very individually tailored programme designed between yourself and your mentor.

There are four separate placements three of which take place in your main school. The second placement takes place in another school, this is organised by The School Direct lead, Emma Berry, in your lead school, Geoffrey Field Junior School.  The aim of this placement, where you will work towards leading 60% of the timetable, is that you experience an alternative setting.  For example, if your main school is a large school in an urban area you could be allocated a place in a smaller more rural school.  Another example might be to experience the differences in teaching and learning in a faith school or special needs setting.

As a lead school we also run an additional CPD (continued professional development) programme for the trainees in ours and another School Direct group. This training programme has been designed and reconfigured every year to suit the needs of the trainees and to compliment and support the central training provided by The University of Reading.  Sessions take place at the lead school and are full of practical ideas that can be taken back to the classroom.  It is also an opportunity to meet other trainees, share and discuss practice as well as the highs and lows of life as a trainee teacher!

Places on the School Direct may be offered on a salaried or fee paying basis.  Salaried trainees are employed by the school and receive a monthly salary.  Trainees on this route may be used for covering classes up to one day per week ( this would not usually be in the first half term) .  Fee paying trainees are expected to pay the tuition fees for the year and would not receive a salary from the school.  There are bursaries available to support with this.

Trainees can also opt to take on a PGCE qualification which will involve additional time at university (during the school holidays) as well as additional assignments.  This then gives teachers a transferable qualification that can be used abroad.

Successful trainees will be invited to an interview morning or afternoon.  During this time they will be asked to make a presentation to the rest of the trainees and any attending Head teachers and ITTcos.  They will also be asked to complete a written exercise which could be to talk about an issue in education or their own experience of education.  Finally, they will interviewed by a small panel of head teachers and ITTcos.  The interview session enables Heads to see a number of trainees at once and to see who they would like to invite to their school for a second interview.  If you are invited to a school you may be expected to teach a short session to a small group, this might be a book presentation.

There are several schools that are part of our group this year but other schools opt in and out on a yearly basis depending on their capacity for supporting trainees.

Whitley Park Primary School

Southcote Primary School

Katesgrove Primary School

The Avenue School


We welcome visits to the lead school to discuss the course further and to have a tour around the school ( However, this may be difficult to arrange in the current climate)  Please contact Emma Berry the School Direct Lead

Please note : We will be recruiting for salaried and tuition fee funded trainees.





Follow this link for the UCAS website for more information

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School Direct Website



Geoffrey Field Junior School Initial Teacher Training

Our vision

At Geoffrey Field Junior School we are committed to providing the highest quality training for teachers at all stages of development – from those who join us for work experience to members of the senior management team.   We approach teacher training very much as a team where everyone is involved in the support and development of teachers and trainees.  In keeping with our school motto “All learning together” we encourage every member of staff to reach their full potential by ensuring that we provide the highest calibre of training and mentorship that we can throughout their careers.


ITT and our children

The children at Geoffrey Field Junior School are also involved in working with trainee teachers and support staff.  They are often asked to provide feedback on lessons and sessions that have been led by trainees and their comments are always taken on board.  Children have the opportunity to work with such a wide variety of adults at all stages of their careers at our school which is of huge benefit to them.  Our children are always complimented by visiting teachers and trainees for their excellent behaviour and attitude to learning which trainees always find supportive.


To Apply
All applications need to be made for The School Direct Program by following the link below.
Please note :  We are only recruiting for tuition fee funded trainees now.