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Sport Clubs

We have a wide variety of sports clubs available. We aim to change many of these to match the season. This term we have the following options:

Family Fit

This is one our newest additions to clubs. Family Fit runs as it says – for all the family. Every child must be accompanied by an adult but younger and older siblings are welcome to attend to.

This is a great opportunity to take part in games and activities with your child – the point is to have FUN!


The children take part in skill based games to develop their hand eye co-ordination, bowling and batting skills as well as developing their knowledge of playing the game.


Gymnastics is a popular club at GFJS which is run by our wonderful coach Liz Rogan.

Our gymnasts work to develop strength, suppleness, balance and co-ordination. They learn and practise routines on the floor and with a variety of apparatus.

At Christmas and again in July they take part in a presentation to parents  and several of our gymnasts have also appeared in local competitions and displays.

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Children will develop skills with racquet strokes and ball skills to lead up to them being able to take part in a tennis match through games and specific coaching.


Archery is a sport using a bow to shoot arrows towards a target. Through this club, children will develop skills in accuracy and hand eye co-ordination.



We have 4 football clubs running this term – as it is always so popular.

Year 3 & 4 boys, Year 3 & 4 girls, Year 5 & 6 boys and Year 5 & 6 girls.

There are opportunities for these teams to compete against others. We have a variety of coaches from external companies to our own talented staff leading these clubs.


We introduced lacrosse to our PE curriculum. Many of the children had never heard of the sport but found it enjoyable. It is now part of our after school club offer and hope to see our skills develop further in this sport.


Netball has proven to be incredibly popular in our university courses. In the club, the children will develop their knowledge of the different positions they can play, different passes and the footwork rules.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts has been an incredibly popular addition to our sport offer. It is a fantastic mix of confidence building, discipline & respect, focus & concentration, teamwork, fitness, training and fun – all in a safe environment.

Tag Rugby

Tag rugby is a minimal contact team game where each player has Velcro patches with tags attached. The rugby ball gets passed between players on one team whilst the other tries to get the tags. 


We are incredibly lucky to have Reading Rocket’s providing our basketball coaching. Children develop their skills in passing, dribbling and shooting. 


We have the opportunity for many of our children to take part in sporting competitions against other Whitley schools in our WEC competitions.