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Student Work

Here are some examples of pupils’ work


An Adventure Story

Up in the dusty, dark attic was a sofa covered with cobwebs. Quiet as a mouse, four friends crept into the attic. All of a sudden, a rat scurried onto their father’s “shrinking” project machine and turned it on. Inconveniently, the children were stood right in front of the machine. CRASH! The machine spun out of control. The children ran about like headless chickens. The machine struck the children and they began to shrink. What will happen now? Out of nowhere, booming sounds came up the staircase. They were like giants footsteps getting closer and closer. Just then a man stormed in with a broom and dustpan. As he swept, the dust was like a gust of a sandstorm. Gasping for air, the children ran and ran. Suddenly, there was a dent in the old, worn out floor. Unfortunately they misjudged the leap and fell in and were swept up and thrown out. All at once, the children were faced with a dilemma. There lay in an overgrown jungle. Bravely, they charged through the jungle filled with trees. The children walked through the jungle. SQUELCH! They were stuck in an ocean of mud. Just when they were about to drown in the mucky mud they grabbed onto an azure leaf. Just when they thought it was over…. A hawk swiftly swooped in like a missile! AAAgh!! The children jumped out of their skins and sprinted. Luckily, they came up with an idea to run straight for the tree and split up.  “Here goes nothing,” cried Ore with joy. The bird hit the tree and died.   Suddenly, it began to get windy and a magic flower seed dropped on them. They grew to normal size.  “Glad that’s over!” exclaimed Ore.

By Ore – Year 4