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Visit to the houses of Parliament

All year our school councillors have been working hard to make a difference not only to our school but also in our local area. As a reward for all the excellent work they have done our WEC councillors were invited on a trip to the Houses of Parliament.

Upon arrival the children were taken into the great hall to meet their guide. As a group we explored lots of different rooms and even went into the Palace of Westminster. We were unable to go into the House of Commons as they were in session but we were fortunate enough to go into the House of Lords. The children recognised lots of historic people in the paintings as we went round.

After our tour we were able to meet Reading Wests MP Alok Sharma. Alok told the children what it was like being a MP and what he did day to day. The councillors then had a chance to ask any questions they had. These ranged from how the EU referendum would affect them to keeping our local parks clean.

The children had a brilliant day and are very grateful to Alok Sharma for his time.