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Year 6 Enterprise Week

Hello everyone,
This week the year six students are holding an enterprise week,
this year’s theme is saving the environment. In case you aren’t familiar with
enterprise week, it’s where the year six children work together to create a
company, our name is Enviro-rangers.
To begin with we had to think about what role we would like for the week. The
jobs are catering, market and media, manufacturing, events organizing and
finances. Catering is running a café for the parents and careers on Friday which
you will find more about in the letter we are sending out. Market and media are
making sure that everybody knows about what’s happening and getting the word out
about enterprise week. Manufacturing are making and providing us with things to
do and play which we want to leave a surprise for now. Our event and organizing
team are making sure that everything is running perfectly and are currently
planning the whole event. Finance is adding up our costs, keeping our money under
control. We are all working together as a big team.
So far we have begun to plan workshops for year three and four to enjoy on Friday
and have started to prepare for our event. We were divided into our job sectors
and got to choose what jobs we would like to do. For example, we chose blogging
(marketing and media).
We will be blogging on here for the rest of the week and share more of what we
have done with you. We hope you will enjoy what we have prepared and also the tea
and coffee for the parents.
Thank you for reading,
Emily, Luke and Harrison
Hello everyone,
Today is our second day of enterprise week. We have been really busy making
everything happen and we would like to share with you what we’ve done.
Throughout the media and marketing group, we have been preparing an information assembly for the
year three and five children on Thursday and making posters to tell people what’s happening in year six.
They are mainly focusing on making sure that they get all the information for the assembly. Events
organisers are making sure that everything goes to plan and they have the timetable ready for Friday. In
Catering, they’re making posters for the parent’s café to show them that it is there! The Finance team
are searching the costs of what they’re going to buy for the Manufacturers and adding up the costs. In
Manufacturing, they’re making games and are painting pots to sell to parents.
We will be holding games at break time and in the afternoon on Friday for the students. There have
been some very creative ideas for games that link to our theme – Caring for the Environment. Our area
looks really strange at the moment – there’s even a swimming pool in Miss Clark’s room! We don’t really
know what it’s for but we’re excited to find out on Friday! Everyone in the area is working really hard to
make this day a good day for the school. Everybody is working together as a team and so far everything
is working out as planned. With games coming together and workshops starting to take shape, the day
is starting to look like it will be very exciting. This will be the best enterprise week for the school. (we’ve
heard that catering are making 300 biscuits and drinks for everyone!)
We will update you more on our progress tomorrow. We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!
Hello everyone,
Today is our final day of planning for enterprise day which means everybody in the
area is working super hard. Everyone is finishing up the final touches to make our day amazing for
everyone. In this blog post we will be sharing with you what we will have for the students to play and do
throughout Friday.
We have a range of games to play from penalty shoot outs to treasure hunts. One of our favourite
games is called Hook-a-world, which is extremely similar to Hook-a-Duck. So far they have painted
polystyrene balls to make them look like little earths and they will place them in a pool of water for the
player to hook them out with a metal rod.
We also have a few sports-based games, such as, get rid of the rubbish, which is where the user dribbles
the ball through the cones and kick it into one of five hoops (which represents the bins.)
We also are offering workshops for the year three and five students, one of which is called the
enviroranger’s treasure hunt which is basically a treasure hunt that is based on our theme, world
For the first time we are offering collectable tokens to people who play our game which allows them to
play one free game if they decide to cash it in instead of money.
Thank you for reading our blog, we hope you enjoy the enterprise day on Friday,
Harrison, Emily and Luke
Hello everyone,
This is our second last post sadly. Things are coming to an end but people are still
working hard to perfect their workshops. The world environment day video has been put together and is
looking good (but its cringy for the people in it.) In this post we will be telling you about our final
preporations for tomorrows event. Enjoy!
Today an assembly was shown to the year three and five children to cover the basic information about
whats happening to keep them updated. It was a success! They awnsered everyones questions now they
are excited for the event!
The catering team have been slaving away over the oven, making treats to sell. Today they have made
all of the cookies ,cake and next flapjacks are on the menu.
Thank you for reading, By Emily,Luke and Harrison

Hello everyone,
It’s finally the day! We have been working hard all week, now it’s time to put our
creativity to the test. Everybody has begun to prepare for the workshops and so far they’re coming
together nicely. The year threes and fives are getting excited to see what we have in store for them. In
this post we will be sharing with you what we will be doing in the workshops.
In each job group (media, manufacturing and events organizing) they have to run workshops. In media
and manufacturing the two workshops are called Enviroranger’s treasure hunt and flower power. In
flower power they are upcycling carrier bags and turning them into flowers. This will be shown to the
students via power point in step by step instructions. In Enviroranger’s treasure hunt, they are hiding
several questions for the children to find and give them an answer sheet which they have to match the
question to.
In the events and organizing group they are running a workshop on how to make birdfeeders. They are
using pine cones and seeds to make them. Also they are running a power point to guide everyone to
making eco- friendly things for the environment.
In manufacturing, they are making pots out of polystyrene cups and are planting seeds inside of them
for the children to keep. The seeds that they are planting are runner beans. They have chosen to do this
because it encourages children to plant things at home and show how plants grow.
Thank you for reading our blog and we will be posting again later on to keep you updated,
Thanks again,
Luke, Emily and Harrison

Hello for the last time,

This is the last post so it’s going to be about the enterprise games. The catering team did very well on selling their shortbread biscuits. Hook-a-world had a great selling, many students enjoyed hooking ‘worlds’. The cue for Get Me out of Here was outstanding! Many children enjoyed the tokens and used them as an opportunity to keep their money and spend them. Hit the vermin was one of the easiest games to win a token from because you only had to hit the vermin when it came out of the tube. Ten pin elephants also did well where you had to throw a ball and knock down the poachers. Lucky dip did well to with many customers. So a very successful break time for us year 6’s but the students have many free games after lunch.

We will be holding a café later on in the day were we will be offering tea and biscuits also things that the students have made such as: gods eyes, pots and seeds to put in them.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blogs and thank you for reading,

For the last time,

Emily, Luke and Harrison